The Redgraves

The Redgraves
S J (Sydney) Redgrave Life member 1922
Thomas Sydney Redgrave 1951

Affectionately known as ‘Old Sid’ and ‘Young Sid’, the Redgraves were the first father and son to Captain First Grade Teams for South Brisbane District Cricket Club.

‘Old Sid’ (S.J. Redgrave) was born in Sydney in 1878 and passed away in Brisbane in 1958. He represented New South Wales in the early 1900’s and was a proud member of the State side. The team medal he received when New South Wales won the Sheffield Shield in 1905-06 was treasured by ‘Young Sid’.

‘Old Sid’ transferred to Brisbane with his family in 1907-08 as a QCA Coach and was involved with coaching for over 40 years. He played for South Brisbane during most of his career. He played many times for Queensland and served as Captain frequently. Apart from Interstate matches he played against the MCC and South Africa. ‘Old Sid’ played in a test trial – Australia vs The Rest – and was the most credible player in the match. He was considered most unlucky to miss Test selection during his interstate career which extended to 1921.

‘Old Sid’ coached many prominent Shield players for South Brisbane. A top order batsman and medium pace bowler, his statistics (on his life member page) prove he was a great all rounder and he was well known as a man of great humour with an unlimited fund of cricketing stories.

Young Sid, Thomas Sydney, was born in Sydney on 2nd of July 1906. At the time this report was written in 1993, he was in good health but his eyesight had failed and passed away some years ago.

His association with Souths commenced in 1914-15 when at 9 years of age he scored for C Grade. He continued as scorer in all grades until 1921-22.

The following year a long playing career commenced in C Grade. He was promoted to A Gradae in 1925-26 and remained there until 1938-1939.

Young Sid was a captain for the last 3 years and led the club to a premiership in 1936-37. Young Sid then played 8 seasons A1 Warehouse but returned to the club as captain of the B Grade side from 48-49 until 57-58. He then moved to Balmoral/Wynnum to coach and was later a QCA Executive member for a time after having played to the end of 64/65.

Young Sid was appointed a life member of the club in 1936 and a life member of the QCA in 1967.

This remarkable man headed a team of volunteers who conducted Saturday morning junior coaching at the Gabba from 1954 until 1992! He continued to display a keen interest in the game even after his eyesight failed.

It is not readily known that the ‘Sid’s’ were cousins of former British screen and stage actor, the late Sir Michael Redgrave.

Old Sid made his debut as 12th man for the New South Wales in the first completed match played after the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed. It was commenced at the Sydney Cricket Ground against South Australia on 2nd of January 1901.

Young Sid has a brother Reginald Victor Redgrave, ten years his junior and residing in New South Wales. He played in the lower grades of South Brisbane as a competent left hand batsman and medium pace bowler, a complete left hander. He was on the verge of First Grade selection when he forsook Grade cricket for other activities of life. His given christian names were taken from test players Victor Trumper and Reginald Duff, colleagues of Old Sid.