Phil English

Life Member 1998


There are few people who could claim to have done as much for Souths as Phil. The honour board is insufficient in stating that Phil served as Treasurer from 1994-2011. He did so much more, including being the day to day manager of the club for many years.

During his incredible tenure as Treasurer, Phil was always able to find a way to get the club through good and hard times financially. Many of the years were difficult for the club financially and it was only due to the peserverance that the club continues today in such a good position.

Among Phil’s many roles, he served as the delegate to Queensland Cricket, Queensland Sub-Districts and Warehouse Cricket.

Phil prepared the Annual Report for a number of years, organised the trophy presentation nights and many other social functions. He was a driving force for the Police Competition and the raffles, both of which are good fundraisers for the club.

Quite simply, for many years, Phil was the face of South Brisbane to all comers to the club. A hefty role over many years.

Even after he officially retired from his role as treasurer in 2010, he stayed for another year as acting Treasurer when no other person could be found for the role.

Phil’s son’s both played for Souths, his son Jason scoring 2219 runs at 29.98 in First Grade with a highest score of 225*.