MyCricket Instructions Screenshots

MyCricket Screenshots

Instructions on entering match results

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As a captain you need to have a login ID first. If you do not have a Login Id or you have forgotten your ID, please contact Clayton Bradford on to activate it. You will need to provide a preferred Login ID name (i.e clayton69) , your email address, and a mobile phone number. Once an id is created, it will be emailed to you. Follow the links to activate the account and set a password.

Go to MyCricket homepage and login.

Once you have logged in, go to TEAMS (Teams/Administration/Website ) on the top right of the page (if you have that option). Then select the drop down menu under MATCHES.


Here you need to select your players from the list of registered players on the left hand side. Hit add to add a player to your team (listed in the centre box) and remove to take out players who may have been pre-selected from a previous game). If any players are not registered, please contact clayton for advice at above email address. On the right hand side fo the screen you need to select a captain, wicket keeper and slashed/substitute players (for 2 day games). Highlight the player in the centre box and then select them in the right box.

Once you have selected your team, you can arrange them into batting order by highlighting them and moving them up and down the list by using the buttons on the right hand side of the centre box. It is easier to enter player scores if you have them in batting order at this point. Once you have them in order and selected correctly, select ENTER MATCH RESULTS from the MATCHES drop down menu. On this screen you can enter the full results, including wickets, runs, sundries. CHECK IT IS YOUR GAME AND CORRECT ROUND at the CORRECT LOCATION. Once you have entered (or agree with the results entered by the Opposition team – you can save this result (or move to enter player scores if the other team has saved it already) IMPORTANT !!!!! DO NOT CONFIRM AT THIS POINT!!!!!

If you do not agree with the MATCH RESULT, DO NOT DISPUTE at this stage. Contact the Club Secretary Mr Dino Peterson or Clayton to discuss.

If you are satisfied that it is correct, select ENTER PLAYER SCORES from the MATCHES drop down menu.

The players should be preselected into batting order from the SELECT TEAMS list you entered already. If not, you can move them up and down using the arrows next to their name.

On this screen you enter how the player got out (How Out) , runs (Runs), Balls faced (BF) , Fall of Wicket (FOW), then if they bowled, Which number bowler they were in the book (NUM), How many overs bowled (O), Maidens (M), Wickets taken (W) (Note: this must have a value, even if they did not take a wicket i.e. O wickets), Runs conceded (R) (Again must have a value), Wides (Wd), No Balls (Nb), and fielding – Catches taken (Ct), Catches taken as wicket keeper (CtWk), Run Out assists (RO As) and Run Outs unassisted (ROUnas) and Stumpings (St). If the other team has entered their player list at this time, you can also enter the bowler and fielder if you wish.

If you have part enetered the scores and need to leave – hit SAVE AS DRAFT at the bottom on the screen and come back later.


If you have finished the player scores, hit SAVE. This will lock the screen so be sure you have finished.

If it accepts the score, go to ENTER MATCH RESULT from the MATCHES drop down menu.

If you are the 2nd team (i.e the other team has entered and saved the match result) you must now CONFIRM THE MATCH / or DISPUTE THE RESULT.

Go to the bottom of the Match RESULTS screen and choose CONFIRM OR DISPUTE RESULT. Then choose CONFIRM. This will lock the match from any further entry. IT IS THE LAST THING YOU DO WHEN ENTERING THE SCORE.

As always, if you have a drama, contact clayton on the above email. Good luck.