MyCricket – Captains Umpire Report Instructions

MyCricket Captains Report – Umpire Review

Captains are required to enter an Umpires Report to review umpire performance during a match. These reports were previously a paper based form and are now part of the MyCricket Game Result screens (although seperate to the game itself).

Login to MyCricket using your User and Password. Go to the Teams screen and select the drop down menu under matches.

Select Captains Report and ensure it is your game and the correct round/Grade.

Enter the details for the umpires report and any comments to back up your scores. Remember, the umpire will not improve unless you provide quality and constructive critisisms, not just disagreement with decisions. Umpires are human and make mistakes but if they need training in a specific area, do not understand a law correctly, then this should be brought to the umpire review panels attention via this report.