John Gordon ‘Jack’ Cooke


Jack Cook 1934 team photo

Life member Qld Cricket 1969

John Gordon Cooke (Jack) became a member of Souths when he came to Brisbane from the country in 1929-30. He continued his association with the club up to his passing in 1981!

He was a playing member of the club in Reserve B and C Grades from 1929 – 1943 inclusive. He was a member of the executive committee beginning in 1933 and held the position of Honorary Assistant Secretary from 1938-1945. He was elected President of the Club in 1964 and continued to hold the position until 1970.

Jack has been associated with most committee’s of the club, fund raising and otherwise, a selector, team captain, Honorary Asst Secretary etc. Since being made a life member in 1940, Jack continued his active involvement with the club for the rest of his life.

Jack was an office bearer of the Qld Cricket Association as a Selector for B and Reserve Grades from 1936-42 and was a Club Delegate to the QCA from 1939-1969, a period of thirty years.

Jack relinquished the presidency in 1970 but continued in such roles as booking officer for Fehlberg Park, member of the Fehlberg Park committee and trophy co-ordinator for Senior Grades.

In 1970, Jack became a Vice President of the QCA and chaired a delegates meeting as late as 1980.

Jack was also a trustee for the club and also the Qld Cricketers Club.

Jack was married to Kitty and he passed away in 1981.

From Dave Applegarths memories of Souths

Jack Cooke (Cookie)

Jack was one of the most dedicated and hard-working people I ever encountered at Souths. Being an accountant by profession and working in the Taxation office in Brisbane he was trained to pay enormous attention to detail in everything he became involved with. He always made copious notes on all matter of things and religiously checked off on each item. For all this he also had a will to see projects proceed and become a reality in the interests of the Club and cricket in general. Jack had an uncanny ability to get people involved in different aspects of the Clubs activities. Some still talk to me about how, even as young people Cookie excited their interests in doing a job for Souths. Even though I was still a pretty young player in 1960 it was Jack Cooke and Norm Gray who suggested that I should also take an interest Executive duties. I admit I learnt a deal from these cagey older operators as I saw them as at that time. In the year Jack Cooke became President I was appointed a Life member at age only 30 years. Along with John McKnoulty who I think joined the Committee around the same time as me we became two of Cookies right-hand men where we helped guide the Club for 3-4 years until I transferred to Townsville in 1967. Jack Cooke was also a foundation Committee person of the Queensland Cricketers Club founded in 1959. He went on to become a life member of that Club. Jack Cooke lived with his family in Norman St. East Brisbane for most of his married life. I know the spot well having driven him home, on many occassions following meetings and club functions. A wonderful Clubman our Cookie and an outstanding person, and I believe others of my era shall never forget.