Jason Lunt

Jason ‘Nugg’ Lunt

Jason “Nugget” Lunt
Life Member 2009
President 2011 – 2015

Jason commenced playing with the junior club in 1980. He played his first game with the seniors in the under 17 grade in 1985 at the age of fourteen and still plays today. Not only has he been a player, Jason together with his wife Liz, has also been part of the Management Committee for many years. He is the type of person who will always remain faithful to his club through “thick and thin” and certainly over twenty four years Jason has seen the club go through many high and low points.

Jason has always supported the club financially and is a valued Sponsor. Only last season Jason covered the cost of caps for all players who have played first grade.

The statistics of Jason’s playing career with the Club are as follows:

  • GRADE Stats
  • First 30 644 Runs , 3 wickets
  • Second 104 Inns, 2711 Runs, 86 wickets
  • Third 32 inns, 939 runs, 6 wickets
  • Fourth 22 inns, 802 runs, 19 wickets
  • Fifth 2 inns, 25 runs, 0 wickets
  • U19 6 inns, 79 runs, 4 wickets
  • U18 8 inns, 198 runs, 7 wickets
  • U17 11 inns, 87 runs, 8 wickets
  • Total 215 inns, 5485 runs, 133 wickets

Jason has continued to serve the club as President for the previous few years undertaking many reforms with the help of the management committee, including the coaching structure, and building the finances of the club to a sustainable level and fundraising.

On behalf of the Club we take this opportunity to formally thank Jason Lunt for his past services and for his continuing contribution to South Brisbane District Cricket Club and we congratulate him upon and honour well deserved.