J W Hoelscher – Life Member 1922

John ‘Jack’ Hoelscher

Life Member 1922

John Hoelscher circa 1960
John receiving a 50 year service award


(Jack, right of picture, receiving a 50 year appreciation gift at a dinner in his honour in 1954)

Jack was first recorded with the club in 1904 as a scorer. He spent over 50 years in many roles at the club, including team manager, secretary, committee member.


Jack HOELSCHER – (Jack) He was Hon. Secretary in my early years and one would have to think “Mr Everything”. There was no person of greater standing in the cricket world of Queensland at this time than our own Jack Hoelscher. He was a crippled person from a young age and got about on crutches. He lived on Dornoch Terrace at the lower end of Highgate Hill with his Brother-in-law Eric Stubbs and family. Jack was a single man, married I believe to Souths and cricket. The latter years of his life were spent in the old age hospice section of what is now the site of the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Even through these years I often picked Jack up and take him to cricket where he would watch from the car where possible, have afternoon tea and even then make worthwhile and valid comments about the game and the players. I would then return him to his hospice accommodation for care. A wonderful and brave person to be associated with and very proud of the many players promoted due to his guidance and foresight. Souths have been blessed with many other fine Hon. Secretaries following in Jack’s footsteps and the high standards he set.