Frank Hills


Life member 1982
Frank Hills – Hon Sec 1972-79

In 1972, the then Secretary Max Robins gave notice of his intention to step down and in search for a replacement the Club President John McKnoulty invited Frank Hills to a liquid lunch at Ballymore to talk with Max Robins about becoming Honorary Secretary. By all accounts that luncheon last a number of hours and not surprising that by the end of it, Frank’s resistance had gone and he had accepted the position.

Frank was duly elected at the AGM in 1972 and served with distinction until 1979 during which he established various secretarial procedures and systems which stood the test of time and smoothed the clubs administration at that time.

In addition to bringing his own brand of professionalism to the task of Honorary Secretary, Frank was, a great club supporter with the habit of being involved with all club activities. The value of Frank’s contribution as Secretary of the Club but also the Qld Cricket Association and the Office Bearers and members of the other Clubs. Frank was a delegate to the QCA for 9 years and was a font of useful information and history regarding the Club and the QCA.

The Annual Reports prepared and presented during Frank’s term as Secretary were a testimony to his meticulous attention to detail and his Capacity to organise and prepare reports on time.