Basil Wright

Life Member 1989

B M Wright

Basil joined the club in August 1979, in response to a newspaper advertisement placed by the retiring secretary Mr Frank Hills, and was duly elected to the position of Honorary Secretary at the Annual General Meeting in August 1979. Basil filled that position for a decade before standing down in 1989.

Basil was again elected as Secretary and served for another period from 1991 until 1995.

Basil was the delegate member of the QCA for 10 years, and represented the club on the Brisbane Grade committee from 1984 until 1989.

In 1983 Basil became involved with the Under 19 Grade in his capacity as the Club’s representative on the Brisbane Youth Cricket Association which led to his involvement on the Queensland Youth Cricket Council and the Australian Youth Cricket Council. This involvement with Youth Cricket has seen Basil join with former President Ian Sieb as the Manager and Coach respectively of the Queensland Under 9 Championships for 3 years.

Basil’s ‘playing career’ with the Club was brief, being essentially confined to a few guest appearances with the club’s 2nd division side in 81/82 although he was a member of the club team that toured Papua New Guinea in 1981. In his few games for the club, basil was able to score 1 run, take 1 wicket and accept 1 catch; all in all, a singular career.

In the 82/83 season Basil was introduced to the joys of Manager/scorer for the club’s second team in the fifth grade competition which in turn led to his involvement with the First Grade team from 84/85 where he apprenticed to the legendary Bill Cross. Basil continued to Score for the First Grade team from the 1985/86 season until at least 1989 and on occasions has scored for First Class Cricket at the Gabba.

From 1980 to 1989, Basil was responsible for editing the Annual Report which resembled a mini-Wisden.

Basil can occasionally be seen around the traps scoring in the Grade Cricket environs for his son who is a regular player in Grade Cricket.