1897 – The First Game

The First Game – Souths Electorate Team 1897

(From the 90th Anniversary Dinner)

Electorate cricket was introduced in Brisbane in 1897-1898 season and only two clubs, South Brisbane and Valley have retained their original identity. South Brisbane’s first match was against Toowong at the Toowong Sports Ground commencing on the afternoon of Saturday the 2nd of October 1897.

Day One (From the newspaper reports of the time)

South Brisbane won the toss, occupied the wickets first and continued in possession until time was called. S Donahoo and W McGlinchy opened the innings for South Brisbane. The former batsman, by free and vigorous play, soon had 50 runs to his credit, his partner being content with playing a more careful and painstaking game.

(At the fall of the third wicket) W T Fisher now became associated with Donahoo and runs came at a great rate. Both men hit very hard, and boundaries were numerous. Donahoo had now reached the coveted century (The first to be scored in Electorate Cricket) and was batting as vigorously as when he first started: ball after ball was either dispatched over the fence or to the boundary. A slight adjustment was made, and on the resumption of play Donahoo was clean bowled by P Pratten. Donahoo played a splendid innings. His Batting was free and vigorous from the start, and stroked all round the wicket were well timed and hard. His cutting was perfect but the special feature of his innings was the capital driving, the ball being hit seven times out of the ground. All bowlers were treated alike, and they had a very bad time of it.

The wicket was in a very good condition and reflected great credit on the cretaker. The game as it now stands wears a very healthy outlook for South Brisbane.


South Brisbane, who had lost 5 wickets for 227 at the conclusion of the previous Saturday’s play, were all dismissed for 290 runs. A Jones, the not out batsman on the previous Saturday, very quickly compiled 33 runs, and was unfortunate in being run out when well set and playing good and sound cricket. He was the only batsman who troubled the bowlers.

Toowong quickly started their innings by sending in Hulle and F Pratten. The former quickly retired, behind bowled by McGlinchy. De Winton, after hitting three runs, was sent to the right about, and Colledge soon after followed in his footsteps. Green was Pratten;s next partner, and a serviceable stand was now made. Pratten was the first to go, being caught by A Jones. Doran was next in, but did not last long, for after scoring a double and a single was clean bowled by McGlintchy. Shields followed and helped Green to raise the total slightly. He, however, was disposed of after making 8 runs. Hassall joined Green, and was eventually bowled by Tanner. The succeeding four batsmen failed to make any prolonged stand, and the innings closed for a small total of 39 runs.

After a quarter of an hour’s adjournment, the local team started their second innings.

(When time was called) Toowong having lost 4 wickets in the second innings for 66 runs, …the local team have 196 runs to get, with six wickets to fall to save a 1 innings defeat. W McGlinchy trundled in grand form, obtaining 7 wickets for 46. Tanner bagged 5 for 41 and J E Justins 1 for 6. The fielding of the Toowongs was patchy, but that of the South Brisbane Team was of the highest order.


Wet conditions prevents play on the final day of this match and the match was listed as a draw.

Umpires were listed as T M Hall and R French.

Alas, the scorers were not mentioned in dispatches.